SEO Monitoring

Our Data Driven Performance team offers an agency steering support service for companies’ SEO strategies.

How does it work ? 

1. Initial Audit and Identification of Quick-Wins

We carry out a first audit to define the objectives to be achieved and build the repository of keywords on which the company must position itself to appear in the first results of Google.

2. Operational Roadmap

An operational roadmap, covering all SEO fields from technical fundamentals to Linking, is produced in order to frame and prioritize concrete actions over time.

3. Monthly implementation monitoring and impact measurement

Each month, the site is scrutinized by Tyredating’s SEO Monitoring Framework and its 38 KPIs.

They make it possible to measure the performance and SEO impact of the company’s site so that the agency’s priorities can be realigned according to the results obtained.

  • Technical SEO Fixing

  • Mobile First Compliancy

  • Core Web Vitals Compliancy

  • Page Speed Enhancement

  • Structured Data

  • Content Strategy

  • UGC Content

  • Internal Linking Plan

  • Contextual Linking Plan

  • Netlinking Strategy

4. Continuous transfer of skills and assistance in managing the SEO agency

These meetings also make it possible to ensure a transfer of skills to the site managers and to avoid a possible “blackbox” effect that they could encounter when working alone with an SEO agency.

 ASBA, our client says it best :

Tyredating has been supporting the French flagship of percussion and drums for 1 year with its piloting assistance and SEO skills transfer service.

“We are fortunate to work with Tyredating as an SEO partner.

With Tyredating, we benefit from tailor-made support, as close as possible to our market realities. The team is very human and very attentive and the points of view are always relevant. We feel a great commitment that does not fade over time, on the contrary!

Their recommendations prove to be effective and pragmatic each time, without ever sinking into “gasworks” that are difficult to implement.

What also seduced us when we met them for the first time was the clarity of their explanations. A quality that is too rare among e-commerce experts who too often drown us in incomprehensible technical jargon.

For us, Tyredating is the e-commerce expert who holds the road and with whom we can go very far”


Some results:

The results obtained demonstrate the relevance and value of its support offer.

Results after 1 year

Experience Compliance
Mobile & Web Cores
Vitals for 99.4% of URLs.


Positioning in the tops
Google keyword results
high stakes:

+57% Natural Traffic

+137% share of SEO visibility and overtaking of the 1st direct competitors.

Rich Snippet results on dozens of FAQ queries
ensuring position 0 and voice search eligibility